Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yuna - Homecoming Concert - Istana Budaya

Hello guys.
I tell my self that I am so so so so so friggin lucky that I have the chance to go to Yuna's concert last August.
Yippie !
Sucha long story.
Yuna's concert tix actuallay da SOLD OUT 2 months before the concert. Crazy kan? I know.
The moment I browse the tix was 2 weeks before the concert all tix SOLD OUT but still got few yang available but toooooooo pricy for me. Like whatt RM 450? no thanks.
Time memang sedih sebab dah 2 kali miss concert Yuna. 
Yuna concert were held at Istana Budaya for 4 nights straight. The first night dia punya show going on tu, tengok orang upload pic dekat instag bapak ah bengang. Meleleh je tengok kan. 
And the story begin, I just tweet my dissapointment.
My tweet: Sayur gila bila tix concert Yuna SOLD OUT.

Later, Ben which is my college friends retweet my tweet and suddenly an angle offer me his tix to me. But he is selling 2 tix not one. and plus he selling it cheap. So, apa lagi kan. Grab ajaaaaaaaa.
I am so lucky that this guy nak jual tickets dia. Yeay . Happy me. 
But, still got another problem. nak pergi dengan sapeeee. 
My very first person yang ada dalam fikiran is my bestfriend Teha.
I was like paksa dia pergi this concert and yaaa, she said yes to it. 
*Berani kau kate tak nak?? aku pancung kau !
So, thats the story. Hihihi

 First photo at IB. the two bestfriend were finally met.
 the two bestfriend camwhore. 

The concert went well.
Yuna memang terbaik ah.

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